Red Lentils

Available in the following packages

  • 500 grams (Χ20 pcs/Χ12 pcs)
  • 5 kg (Transparent Sack 5 kg)
  • 25 kg (Transparent Sack 25 kg)

The product is certified for quality assurance with ISO 22000: 2005

Origin : Turkey

Red Lentils
Red lentils are also known as "Egyptian lentils", although they originate from Asia. Their taste is softer than that of common lentils and they are cooked quickly, which makes them an ideal choice for the modern housewife. They are a food rich in protein and fiber, but lighter than common lentils, so they are recommended for people with gastrointestinal problems. they are boil easily and they are ideal for velvet or classic soups, puree and salads.