Split Peas

Available in the following packages

  • 500 grams (Χ20 pcs/Χ12 pcs)
  • 5 kg (Transparent Sack 5 kg)
  • 25 kg (Transparent Sack 25 kg)

The product is certified for quality assurance with ISO 22000: 2005

Origin : Greece

Fava or Split peas
Fava or Split peas comes from the lathouri plant which has been cultivated for hundreds of years. It is a legume with a light and sweet taste and is perfectly intertwined with Greece, the summer but also the fasting periods. This dish is found mainly as an appetizer but can also stand as a main dish, like all legumes. It is rich in proteins, minerals and trace elements. It is ideal in both traditional and more gourmet dishes.